The Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario was founded in 1969 by the traumatologist Julián Vilás Ferrer. This speciality was therefore one of the first that the clinic offered among its services.

Since then, specialisation and growth have gone hand in hand. Today, it is one of the units that has tread the most patients in Ibiza.

While the unit now performs between 400 and 450 interventions a year, there have been years when it has reached between 650 and 680 per year.


The trauma unit handles all traumatic injuries with the exception of head injuries (which are referred to either the maxillofacial or neurosurgery unit, depending on the case) and surgical injuries to the spine, which are handled by the Neurosurgery Unit.

The most common treatments are as follows:

For example: hip prostheses, knee prostheses, foot conditions such as hallux valgus (bunions), forefoot deformities, deformities of the knee axis (knock-knees, bow-legs), patellar conditions…

In summary, these are chronic, acquired pathologies that fall within the scope of orthopaedic surgery.


Hands are of vital importance for everything, whatever our profession, age and activity. We all need our hands in our daily lives.

Our Hand Surgery Unit deals with the treatment of any hand condition, both from a surgical and non-surgical point of view.

List of treatments:

Non-traumatic pathologies

Traumatology 1

Traumatic pathology and sequelae

Pediatric Traumatology

Paediatric traumatology is very important because the problems presented by a child are unique and need to be treated differently from those of an adult.

Paediatric Orthopaedics and Traumatology deals with traumatic injuries in children, such as fractures caused by accidents, taking into account the type of injury, the age of the child and any associated complications or damage. There are also a number of growth-related conditions that affect only children: hip injuries, bone growth, limb growth, congenital problems… Paying special attention to these problems from an early age can prevent more serious problems in the future.

traumatologia infantil web


At Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, we pay special attention to the variations in a child’s growth, so that they can be assessed from a very early age and any problems can be resolved in the most appropriate way. We have an ultrasound scanner (hip ultrasound) to carry out scans on newborn babies to rule out any hip abnormalities (currently 3% of the population suffer from some form of hip abnormality, with varying degrees of severity). This test is quick, completely painless and poses no risk to the baby. The advantages of being able to diagnose these deformities in a newborn baby are the simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment, which does not involve surgery, as opposed to the complications that may arise in the future, when surgery is inevitable and the chances of correcting the problem completely are reduced.


  • Dr. Edmund Pytel Andrzej
  • Dra. Sara Cortes Alberola
  • Dra. María Inmaculada Soriano Gallo
  • Dr. Manuel Coco Velilla
  • Dr. Juan González del Pino
  • Dr. Antonio Pérez Caballer
  • Dr. Vicente Guimerá García
  • Dr. Joan Payola Lahoz
  • Dr. Dirk Kuhnen
  • Dr. Alberto Torres Prats

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