Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Pelvic floor rehabilitation 1

Our phisiotherapists for pelvic floor rehabilitation use different techniques to prevent weakness and to strengthen this area.

Manuela therapy, biofeedback, electrotherapy or abdominal Hipopresive gymnastics.


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In our centers different class modalities are taught for the improvement of the pelvic floor. Including:

Pilates classes

The supervision of our professionals and the small groups will improve your technique and avoid injury in your sports activities.

It tones, strengthens and shapes your muscles at the same time as you gain in flexibility, dexterity, agility and coordination of movements.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation 2

Yoga classes

Tone your body, improve your flexibility, posture and immune system thanks to this physical and mental discipline.

Small groups and professional and constant supervision.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation 3

Yoga classes for pregnant ladies

Tone your body and take care of your mind in one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Small groups and professional and constant supervision.

Yoga embarazadas

Exercise for pregnant ladies

Controlled physical activity supervised by a professional is highly recommended, as it meets the needs of the future mother always respecting her and her baby’s health. It also helps her to keep in shape, both physically and mentally, in this new stage and be better prepared for the time of delivery.

Gimnasia embarazadas

Hypopressive abdominal exercise

Our physiotherapists specialised in pelvic floor give these posture and breathing classes that decrease intra-abdominal pressure. Among its benefits are improved posture, toning the abdominal muscles, increased tone and perineal sensitivity, prevention of hernias and pelvic floor dysfunction and decreased back pain.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation 4


  • Dpa. Sonia Torres Abascal (Dietista – Nutricionista)
  • Dpa. Irene López Manuel
  • Dpa. Sabrina Dengra Mari

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