The Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario stands out for being one of the first in Spain to open an Osteopathy Unit, representing a milestone in the country’s healthcare system.

Osteopathy: A Holistic Approach

Osteopathy is a manual therapy used as a complement and alternative to conventional medicine. It focuses on the physical manipulation of the human body to correct mechanical or structural problems. Although it is not recognised as a medical science in Spain, it is highly regarded in countries such as the United States and is gaining ground in Europe, particularly in the UK and France.

Osteopathy and Traumatology: A Growing Collaboration

Trauma specialists and Spine Units are increasingly taking this speciality into account and referring patients to osteopaths where appropriate. This collaborative approach reflects the growing acceptance of osteopathy within mainstream medicine.

Pain Relief through Osteopathy

Osteopathy can relieve a wide range of conditions, from back, neck, limb and joint pain to more complex problems such as arthritis and neuralgia. This treatment involves external manipulation, avoiding the need for chemical treatments and sometimes even surgery.

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Our Approach to Osteopathy

Our vision of osteopathy focuses on improving the health of the whole body, not just specific affected or injured areas. Our osteopaths work to strengthen joints, muscles and the spine to improve your body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Osteopathy: Training and Accreditation

It is worth noting that osteopathy training in Spain is private, with a wide range of studies, from postgraduate or official masters to unrecognised courses. It is common to follow a university course in physiotherapy and then an official Masters in Osteopathy, which usually lasts between 5 and 6 years, depending on how the hours and days of training are distributed throughout the year.

At Grupo Policlínica, we believe in the importance of osteopathy as a complementary and alternative therapy to medicine.


  • DPO. Roberto Abitbol Bencimon

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