Mental health Unit

Nowadays there is an increasing demand of mental health specialists due to the necessity of adjusting the personal needs to the requirements of a life that is constantly experiencing changes.

The balance between individual and sociocultural environment is hampered by these changes that the person suffers throughout his life.

To this fact we must add an important index of subjectivity, so that our own management’s abilities, emotions, fears and insecurities, personal and social changes, interpersonal and family relationships etc… all these do progressively increase consultations with experts in this field.

Our mental health area embraces all special fields. Professionals work in coordination between them addressing cases from different points of view, to provide the best solution to the patient.

Anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, relationship problems, psychosomatic disorders and childhood psychopathology, child and adult ADHD, neuropsychology, child psychopathology, sexual therapy etc…


  • Lda. Maria Presa Cardona
  • Lda. Maria Ferragut Mari
  • Lda. Raquel Ramírez Cámara
  • Lda. Ignacio Bris Candela
  • Dra. Estela María Malatesta
  • Dra. Patricia Blanco Ramón
  • Lda. Carla Zaplana
  • Dra. María Faustina Di Santi
  • Lda. Marina Vargas Costa
  • Dra. Nuria Esther Chichurreta De Lora
  • Lda. Ana Boned Planells
  • Lda. Minaya Benavente Cano
  • Lda Ana Estela Ruiz Cano
  • Lda. María Angélica Barrios Mateu
  • Lda. Ana Servando Diaz
  • Lda. Sonia Riera Tur

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