Breast pathology

Our Breast Pathology Unit consists of a team of surgeons, gynecologists and radiologists dealing diseases of the breast in a multidisciplinary way.

This “team approach” means greater agility in tests and treatments and great accuracy in final diagnosis.

We have a modern and minimally invasive equipment which guarantees great effectiveness in our tests:


  • Dra. Karennt Kristiamm Querales Moreno
  • Dra. Valeria Paula Ulloa
  • Dra. Maria Julia Zanini Mangialardi
  • Dr. Miguel Torres Costa
  • Dr. Jordi Boned López
  • Dra. Gisele Guadalupe Ledesma
  • Dra. Paula Martínez Pérez
  • Dra. Milagros Choqueneira
  • Dra. Alexia Arbós Ruiz
  • Dr. Bruno Calabresse
  • Dr. Jordi Muchart Masaller
  • Dra. Elisa Burgos Osuna
  • Dr. Javier Mota
  • Dr. José Torres
  • Dra. Gabriela Sicco
  • Dra. Maria Jesus Lia Garcia
  • Dra. Gema Rodriguez Diez
  • Dr. Mario Ronquete Cierto
  • Dr. Francisco J.Vilas San Julian