Breast pathology

Our Breast Pathology Unit consists of a team of surgeons, gynecologists and radiologists dealing diseases of the breast in a multidisciplinary way.

This “team approach” means greater agility in tests and treatments and great accuracy in final diagnosis.

We have a modern and minimally invasive equipment which guarantees great effectiveness in our tests:

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer?

First and foremost, we want to put your mind at ease. Our medical team will identify the tests needed to assess your case on a personalised and individual basis. These tests will be arranged as quickly as possible.

Once the assessments have been completed, our team will assign you the best treatment, always choosing the least aggressive and most effective.

It is often no longer necessary to remove the entire affected breast. If this is the case, our plastic surgery team will consider the possibility of breast reconstruction in the same surgical procedure.


  • Dr. Rodrigo Mojica Torres
  • Dra. Karennt Kristiamm Querales Moreno
  • Dra. Valeria Paula Ulloa
  • Dra. Maria Julia Zanini Mangialardi
  • Dr. Miguel Torres Costa
  • Dr. Jordi Boned López
  • Dra. Gisele Guadalupe Ledesma
  • Dra. Paula Martínez Pérez
  • Dra. Alexia Arbós Ruiz
  • Dr. Bruno Calabresse
  • Dr. Jordi Muchart Masaller
  • Dra. Elisa Burgos Osuna
  • Dr. Javier Mota
  • Dr. José Torres
  • Dra. Gabriela Sicco
  • Dra. Gema Rodriguez Diez
  • Dr. Mario Ronquete Cierto
  • Dr. Francisco J.Vilas San Julian

Documents and test preparation