Anesthesiology and reanimation

Anaesthesiology and Reanimation is the medical speciality dedicated to the study, teaching, research, and application of:

  1. a) Methods and techniques to render the patient insensitive to pain and to protect the patient from harm before, during, and after all surgical and obstetric procedures, diagnostic examinations, and trauma.
  2. b) Maintaining vital functions in any of the above situations and in organ donor patients.
  3. c) Treating patients whose vital functions are severely compromised, maintaining therapeutic measures until the life-threatening condition of these functions is overcome.
  4. d) Treatment of pain of any aetiology, both acute and chronic.
  5. e) On-scene resuscitation and evacuation of casualties or critically ill patients.
  • Pre-anaesthesia consultation
  • Anaesthesia procedures:
  • General, spinal, and combined anaesthesia
  • Deep-anaesthetic blocks
  • Intravenous regional anaesthesia
  • Monitored anaesthesia sedation
  • Central venous catheterisation
  • Post-anaesthesia monitoring in the Post-Surgical Resuscitation Unit

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  • Dr. Alejandro Alarcón Bozal
  • Dr. Pedro Miguel Gonzalez Capote
  • Dra. Francisca Ragusa
  • Ziortza Landaluze Bueno
  • Dra. Anaís López
  • Dr. Jordi Parera Lopez
  • Dr. Cristian Hernández Delgado
  • Dr. Alberto Hernández Martínez
  • Dr. Luciano Jesús Ramírez

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