Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive care unit was completely renewed in year 2009 and has continued to incorporate new technologies with the aim to provide the best quality assistance.

The intensive care area has 9 individual boxes provided with last generation monitoring and treatment systems that allow us to assist the most acute pathologies and at the same time it preserves the patient’s and his family’s privacy. They all have intelligent lightening technology, television and air conditioned..

We also have 4 beds for semi-critical patients that allow patient in a stable condition to enjoy the visit of their relatives at the same time they receive the benefits of a continuous controlled monitored assistance.

The intensive care unit medical team daily work closely with the rest of professionals of Grupo Policlínica to help out our patients to overcome difficult circumstances and facilitate an early return home in the best conditions according to their general state.



  • Dra. Florencia Maria Lascar
  • Dra. Sofia Macarena Sterman
  • Dr. Claudio Ely Gutierrez
  • Dr. Martin Esteban Pombo
  • Dr. Walter Andrés Ramirez Lajones
  • Dr. Alexander Tellez Torres
  • Dr. Carlos Pascuccio
  • Dra. Adriana Martín

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