General Surgery - Grupo Policlínica
Grupo Policlinia. Hospital en Ibiza

TREATMENTS: colon and rectum surgery, proctologic surgery, oesophagus and gastric surgery, obesity surgery, hepatic surgery, pancreatic and biliar conducts surgery, abdominal wal surgery, hernia, eventrations, Breat surgery, Endocrine surgery…

In the process during our patient’s treatment the Surgery unit counts with the support of the Oncology unit to optimize the treatment of those patients who require a integrated medical-surgical treatment.

Services Catalogue

  • Digestive Surgery
    • Oesophagus pathology
    • Hiatus hernia
    • Gastro-oesophageal reflux pathology
    • Oesophagus motor disorders
    • Benign and malign gastric oesophagus tumoral pathology
  • Hepatobiliopancreatic Pathology
    • All gallbladder and bile duct problems
    • Cystic and inflammatory pancreatic alterations (Pancreatitis)
    • Hepatic cyst pathology and tumours
  • Small and large intestine pathology
    • Both benign and malignant tumoral pathology
    • Inflammatory alterations (Diverticulitis, EII…)
    • Previous surgery sequelae (Obstructions, adherences, etc.)
  • Anorectal Pathology. Coloproctology
    • Haemorrhoids
    • Fistulas
    • Fissures
    • Pelvic floor alterations
    • Functional disorders (incontinence, constipation…)
  • These include application of:
    • Use of foams and sclerosants for haemorrhoidal pathology
    • Application of Doppler-LASER techniques to treat haemorrhoids, fistulas and fissures
    • Use of biocompatible materials to treat fistulous disease
  • Abdominal wall surgery
  • Metabolic endocrine surgery
  • Surgical Techniques:
    • POSE Method
    • Tubular Gastrostomy (Gastric sleeve)
    • Gastric By-Pass
    • Biliopancreatic Derivation (Scopinaro)
    • Duodenal Switch
  • Metabolic Surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery:
    • Thyroid functional disorders
    • Goitre
    • Functioning adrenal tumours
    • Oncological surgery