We are committed to Aesthetic Medicine as a speciality that helps our patients to feel better inside and out. Our Aesthetic Medicine Unit has expanded with the opening of a modern clinic in the centre of Ibiza town called EIVIESTETIC. Here, the emphasis is on personalised care and the expertise of its specialists in the application of different facial and body treatments.

At EIVIESTETIC we have incorporated the most innovative techniques currently available in Aesthetic Medicine (rejuvenation techniques, laser unit, hair unit, body remodelling, nutrition, etc…).

These are just some of the treatments available at EIVIESTETIC:

Facial firming treatments, peelings, medical vitamin-based facials, hyaluronic lip and/or facial implants, tensor threads, etc. An example is the popular mesoplasty, which achieves facial rejuvenation without surgery.

Anti-aging treatments are part of its wide range of services: physiological medicine, antioxidant nutritional treatments, etc…

Hair mesotherapy, injectable peelings.

Facial surgery, body surgery, breast surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Surgical recovery through combinations of lymphatic drainage, dermahealth, circulatory treatments…

Combinations of drainage, circulatory treatments (cellulite prevention) and oedema therapy.

Micropigmentation, among others.


Call for a free at 971 31 71 44, no obligation initial appointment with one of our experts.


  • Dra. Irene González Toboso
  • Dra. Alba Verano Garcia

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