Cardiovascular surgery/ Phlebology

The speciality of cardiovascular surgery consists on the surgical treatment of heart, big vessels, artery and vein disordres.

In the field of circulatory diseases the most prevalent disease is probably the varices. It is not just a cosmetic problem but also a circulatory condition, depending on the severity, can cause major problems.

What is endolaser?

The Endolaser treatment is much newer than the traditional method in which the vein was excised. In endolaser we will cauterize the vein throught and optical fiber laser which enables a minimal incision in the body, it access the vein that causes the pathology and burn it from the inside without making any incisions to remove it.

This new treatment causes much less damage to the tissues.

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  • Dr. José Rosselló Rodríguez
  • Dr. Jorge Zarzar Flores

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