Cardiology and heart hemodynamics

In the cardiology unit we have the best means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart and cardio-vascular system diseases.

We apply diagnostic techniques as electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, ergometry or stress test, holter, etc.

Recently, the Policlínica has acquired the last Philips Hemodynamics equipment, directed primarily to patients with coronary pathology, as well as brain pathologies and other vascular problems. This room is equipped with the latest technology, it has a diagnostic and therapeutic component that prevents many larger surgeries. Its ·D images offer an anatomical and functional analysis of the heart with great accuracy.

Services Catalogue


  • Dra. Carolona Giselle Reynoso
  • Dra. Soledad Vizzarri
  • Dra. Aracelis Morales Fernández
  • Dra. Lucía Vera Pernasetti
  • Dr. Sebastián Gaido
  • Dr. Antoni Serra Peñaranda (Hemodinámica)

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